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EMailNoteUser IDNameZoom ToCoachLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Gregbryantsr@gmail .com 315 Gregbryantsr@gmail .com
93·PT·40 32.87120N 84.87199W 15-Oct-2017
at WOG
Planning on selling Baby Bluey

E-Mail John & Nancy Wyatt 4 John & Nancy Wyatt 91·PT·40 32.87206N 84.86909W 15-Oct-2017

E-Mail Gardner & Kathy Yeaw 11 Gardner & Kathy Yeaw
 Golden Memories
86·PT·36 32.87257N 84.86945W 15-Oct-2017
WOG for the week, site 125

E-Mail Steve Gureasko 48 Steve Gureasko
 Jus Chillin
90·PT·40 32.52285N 84.52227W 16-Oct-2017
Have 50 amp hookup

at Pine mtn, WOG rally

E-Mail Larry & Ann Kehler 60 Larry & Ann Kehler
94·PT·40 32.87216N 84.86991W 15-Oct-2017
Arrived at Pine Mountain

E-Mail John Finn 77 John Finn
 Finn's Inn Express
82·FC·35 32.87009N 84.87067W 16-Oct-2017
I am at the first stop on my fall and winter trip south and that is Pine Mountain RV Resort in Pine Mountain, GA for the annual WOG Rally (Wanderlodge Owners Group) it will last until next Sunday.

E-Mail rodney hack 350 rodney hack
80·FC·35 32.87228N 84.86885W 17-Oct-2017
E-Mail Harold & Cat McMullen 358 Harold & Cat McMullen
 For the Birds
94·BMC·37 32.87329N 84.87049W 15-Oct-2017
WOG :)

429 Dave and Tina Styf
89·SP·36 32.87344N 84.87067W 15-Oct-2017
434 Kevin and Kerry
 BB Belle
97·PT·43 32.87029N 84.87066W 15-Oct-2017
Making our way back towards Florida via Michigan, Delaware, Pine Mountain (site 166) and Kentucky.

450 Lucas
 Dusty Rose
91·SP·36 32.87372N 84.87022W 17-Oct-2017
WOG rally newbies! site #43, by the entrance, watching all the beautiful birds arrive.

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