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E-Mail Larry Dill & Barbara Ribar 26 Larry Dill & Barbara Ribar
 Pura vida
95·BMC·37 42.83117N 106.36170W 9-Aug-2017
Currently at Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, Casper WY for the event of the century, The Total Eclipse!!!

E-Mail Don Bradner 1 Don Bradner 04·M380·38 42.83317N 106.36468W 17-Aug-2017
9 nights in Casper, Wyoming for the total eclipse.

E-Mail Gardner & Kathy Yeaw 11 Gardner & Kathy Yeaw
 Golden Memories
86·PT·36 42.83336N 106.36453W 16-Aug-2017
At the Fairgrounds in Casper for the Big solar event!

E-Mail Jim and Nancy 45 Jim and Nancy
 Bird of Play
01·LXI·43 42.83285N 106.36488W 14-Aug-2017
@ home, we have 50 amp, water and dump.
If in the area, contact us!
Casper....we are HERE!!

E-Mail Larry & Ann Kehler 60 Larry & Ann Kehler
94·PT·40 42.83280N 106.36461W 16-Aug-2017
E-Mail Joe & Pat 61 Joe & Pat
93·PT·40 42.83323N 106.36456W 9-Aug-2017
Arrived in Casper! here till Aug. 23..

E-Mail Lee And Jacque Davis 117 Lee And Jacque Davis 95·BMC·37 42.82571N 106.35722W 15-Aug-2017
On the way to Casper we stayed 2 days in Alzada, MT at Stoneville Saloon & RV Park. (5 sites) Their sign advertises conveniently located in the middle of nowhere – and it was! Quirky, unique place. But we loved it!
Now in Casper and the Birds are gathering.

E-Mail Mark & Ginger 259 Mark & Ginger
91·PT·40 42.83253N 106.36456W 17-Aug-2017
we are in Casper waiting for the lights to go out

We are always open for visitors. Unless you are a grump :-)
Mark & Ginger

We are around most of the time but if we are out we can still make arrangements can still be made for you to park and have full hookups call 928-580-2575.
Love Shack

E-Mail John & Aleda Ellsworth 288 John & Aleda Ellsworth
 Color Us Gone
85·FC·35 42.83192N 106.36189W 16-Aug-2017
Got into Casper, WY Today. Bus is listing to one side, I either need to adjust one of the rear air bags, or lose some serious weight. Our parking spot at the rally is over with the little kids, (size matters) drop in if you dare. Or, if you would like to keep a few blocks between us, you can just call. 801-414-8002.

E-Mail Alan & Debi Darson 326 Alan & Debi Darson
 The Alan Darson's Project
98·LXI·41 42.83322N 106.36493W 17-Aug-2017
E-Mail Randy & Deborah Turner 347 Randy & Deborah Turner
97·PT·43 42.83302N 106.36475W 15-Aug-2017
2017 Total Solar Eclipse Rally -- Casper, WY.

E-Mail Patti and Dwayne 421 Patti and Dwayne
 Miss Doozie
00·LXI·43 42.83237N 106.36404W 15-Aug-2017
At the Casper, Wyoming Fairgrounds for the Eclipse Rally!!!

429 Dave and Tina Styf
89·SP·36 42.83148N 106.36165W 19-Aug-2017
434 Kevin and Kerry
 BB Belle
97·PT·43 42.83357N 106.36476W 14-Aug-2017
At the eclipse rally then making our way back towards Florida via Michigan, Delaware, Pine Mountain and Kentucky.

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