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EMailNoteUser IDNameZoom ToCoachLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Mark & Ginger 259 Mark & Ginger
91ĚPTĚ40 32.68386N 114.55551W 28-May-2017
We are planning to leave on Thursday we still don’t know where we’re going but we’re leaving on Thursday
North someplace

We are always open for visitors. Unless you are a grump :-)
Mark & Ginger

We are around most of the time but if we are out we can still make arrangements can still be made for you to park and have full hookups call 928-580-2575.
Love Shack

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About the BBird Maps: These maps are available for the use of members of Membership is free, and anyone can join who has an interest in Blue Birds. In general, those shown on the map are owners of Blue Bird Motor Coaches, and they frequently travel about North America. If you would like to become a member, full information is available HERE.

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